Mestezia RPG

My currently active project. It’s both a fantasy setting inspired by myths, styles, and ecology from (mostly pre-Columbian) Latin America and a tactical game with strong non-combat and combat mechanics. It uses some of the lessons I learned from Five Gods but completely divorces from the 4e roots.  I’ve broken the information on the system into the five documents below.

It’s entirely in progress, so when you download, don’t expect finished work. Read at your own risk.

That said, I’d love to hear feedback if you have any. Feel free to email me at overpreparedgm at or just comment below.

  1. Playing Mestezia contains the core rules necessary to run the game. It’s about 25 pages if you include the index, table of contents, examples, stock art, etc. So, not exactly fast play, but pretty efficient for a tactical RPG.
  2. Creating Mestezianes describes how you make a player character in the system. The process is fully described, but I still need to add more class/theme/item content. I plan to also have some pre-made characters for those who want to skip this part, at least at first. Eventually it will be about 100 pages, with about a dozen for the process and the rest for the crunch. No art yet.
  3. World of Mestezia is a setting guide and bestiary. Still being written, but take a look to get a feel for the setting.
  4. Running Mestezia is a GM guide of unsolicited advice I keep wanting to give. Fairly system-agnostic. This is close to a finished first draft, but doesn’t yet have any artwork.
  5. Building Mestezia is a GM guide that walks through creating your own creatures, challenges, and combat encounters under the Mestezia system. Some of the info could carry into other systems, such as different ways to structure combats and challenges, but the focus is on applying it to Mestezia. Not quite finalized, but will have about 30 pages.

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