Mestezia RPG

My currently active project. It’s both a fantasy setting inspired by myths, styles, and ecology from (mostly pre-Columbian) Latin America and a tactical game with strong non-combat and combat mechanics. It uses some of the lessons I learned from Five Gods but completely divorces from the 4e roots (for example, it uses a dice pool system rather than d20).  For more information, visit

Starter Kit

The first product I’m releasing is going to be a starter kit aimed at brand new players and GMs. It will include a copy of the core rules, 5 premade player characters, a tutorial adventure that teaches the game by playing, and a full set of printables. If you’re interested in playtesting or reviewing the starter kit, Sign Up for Mestezia.

It’s entirely in progress, so when you download, don’t expect finished work. Read at your own risk. That said, I’d love to hear feedback if you have any. Feel free to email me at overpreparedgm at or just comment below.

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