This past year, I’ve started GMing a custom campaign based on a homebrew system and set in a custom world.  I’m testing out a lot of ideas at the same time and probably writing about how various ideas work (or don’t) in this blog.


The World of the Five Gods was inspired by Lois McMaster’s Bujold’s series.  I’ve taken considerable liberty with her initial idea though, and have created an ever-expanding World Anvil site of this setting, including maps, NPCs, political information, customs, songs, etc.


Age of Change is a homebrew campaign that starts at level 1 and hopefully will bring the players through epic level.  I’m keeping session notes and other information on the linked campaign manager.


When I made adventures, I really overprepare.  Hoping to not let it go to waste, I’m slowly converting the material I produce to use in my own games to something others can use as premade adventures in theirs.  Here’s the first:

Session 1: Samhain at Easthome is a post I made discussing how the session went.

GM Tools

  • Session Tools is a little homemade app that includes an NPC Stat generator (my husband and I both GM using the same balancing system, so when we choose NPCs, we just use the app to determine what numbers).  It also has dice rollers for each encounter.  I started with it showing a lot more info, but in practice, I found I wanted most of the information printed on paper, and just wanted to roll the damage dice and the power recharge rolls on the apps.