Initiative Card Creator Tool Initiative Card Creator: Prints 2″x6″ initiative cards, customized for color, text, and style. You’ll need a modern browser for it to work.

Other People’s Tools

And here are some online tools that I actually use when GMing that I did not make myself.

  • World Anvil: A world building site that acts a little like a wiki, but with robust templates and connections that are aimed at world builder.  Also has an embedded campaign management system.  Feature updates every week and the community is robust, so I imagine it’s going to be even better soon.
  • Watabou City Generator: A way to randomly generate medieval city maps within a set of customizable parameters.
  • Lost Kingdom: a resource for historical information relevant to fantasy world building
  • Slack: It’s not designed for RPGs per se, but I use it to do some non-encounter role playing between sessions as well as using it to plan out the practical logistics of who’s bringing what food or when exactly we’ll meet for the session.