I use a homebrew system that traces its roots mostly to D&D4e.  Feel free to use non-commercially as long as you credit me/link back for the original authorship.  I’d love to hear feedback if you have any.

Quickstart Guide

This doesn’t include everything (in particular doesn’t include class creation/advancement information) but should allow players needed to play the game given pre-made characters (see below).

Samhain at Easthome

This was intended as a long one-session module to introduce the new players to RPG gaming  and give everyone a chance to know each other. It follows a linear format and allowed me to progressively introduce how narrative roleplaying works, the rules for a skill challenge, and the rules for a combat encounter.  Plus, we had a bit of comic relief with my daughter coming in and hamming it up as Sorcha, the hysterically pregnant warrior woman.


Pre-made Characters
What class types would you like to see made into pre-made characters? You choose, I create.