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Initiative cards showing of a variety of characters
Playing RPGsRecent

Playing Against (D&D Class) Types

Sometimes it can be fun to take a common trope and twist it. Keep enough of the core idea to…


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Skill Challenge Encounters, Part 2

In Skill Challenge Encounters, Part 1, I introduced the challenge encounter framework that I use in my games. It works…


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Landscape of fen grass growing through water
RecentWorld Building

Finding the Fens

Originally published in Worldbuilding Magazine (Volume 2, Issue 4) “Creatures”, p 18. If you have ever wanted to see inside…

Scathach: A serial adventure

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Creative WritingRecentScathach Serial

Chapter 5: Family Comes Calling

Previous: Chapter 4: The Last Meal Wild beast, huge man, and he’s coming for me by name?  That narrowed down…

Running an RPG

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RecentRunning an RPGTabletop

Advice for a New GM

If you’re a new GM, you may read through all the rules of whatever system you’re planning to play and…