Survey for New Players

Do you want me to make a character for you?

  • Yes, please.
  • No, but I’d like help.
  • Nope, I have it covered.

How much tactical complexity do you like?

  • Simple.  I like to have the choices I make on my turn be reasonably straightforward.
  • Medium.  I like to  think things through, but don’t want to have to be a chess grandmaster just to play.
  • Complex. I like the challenge of planning ahead and trying to take different things into consideration.
  • Don’t know/Don’t care

How close do you want your combat?

  • Melee.  I want to hit hard and take hard hits (or shrug them off like the stud I am).
  • Skirmisher.  I like to stay on the fringe of melee, dancing around the battlefield.
  • Ranged.  I like to blast things from a distance, staying safely away from the brutes.
  • Don’t know/Don’t care.

What sort of role do you like in combat?

  • Striker.  I like to focus on killing the enemy.  Big damage, all the time.
  • Defender.  I like to act as a shield, stepping between the enemy and my allies.
  • Leader. I like to support my allies – healing them, making them stronger, and helping move into position.
  • Controller.  I like to manipulate the battlefield and confuse or incapacitate the enemy.
  • Don’t know/Don’t care

How much of a gambler are you

  • Vegas, baby!  I like to roll the dice and see if I win big or lose it all.
  • Moderate.  I like some variability, but I don’t like risking a string of bad luck undoing all my efforts.
  • Steady.  I like for my powers to depend on my skill, not luck.  Or at least for them to be dependable.
  • Don’t know/don’t care.

How appealing do you find the following? where

  1. Meh.
  2. It’s somewhat appealing.
  3. I’d like that.
  4. Ooooh!  So cool!
  • Doing magic spells
  • Having psychic abilities
  • Being sneaky and/or tricksy
  • Knowing things (e.g. history or science)
  • Building things
  • Channeling the power of the gods
  • Communing with nature
  • Solving mysteries
  • Wielding weapons
  • Noticing things (e.g. secret doors of small clues
  • Performing for an audience
  • Riding a horse (or dinosaur or griffon, etc.)
  • Having a sidekick creature (e.g. cat, bear, demon familiar, etc.)
  • Finding treasure
  • Saving innocents
  • Exploring new lands
  • Being the bad guys